Enhancing Search and Rescue Operations Using AWS for FIND-911



  • 20 October 2023
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About the Customer

FIND-911 deploys advanced technological solutions in the form of drone fleets and ground robots across diverse terrains. Their primary objective is to facilitate search and rescue or search and recovery missions, harnessing multiple media types and various equipment for precise and timely data collection. The ultimate goal of FIND-911 is to supercharge its existing capabilities, ushering in an era of rapid, responsive, and more versatile mission capabilities, powered by the cutting-edge combination of AI/ML models and cloud-based processing.

Executive Summary

FIND-911 aimed to harness the unparalleled flexibility, elasticity, and availability offered by AWS to meet the ever-evolving demands of search and rescue operations. Through this partnership, FIND-911 envisioned an infrastructure robust enough to cater to its present needs and scale seamlessly for future requirements. Central to this vision was the deployment of an MVP during Phase 2, built atop the AWS setup from Phase 1, encapsulating the core features of the existing system and laying the foundation for future AI/ML model integrations.

The Challenge

Search and rescue missions demand speed, accuracy, and adaptability. With the sheer volume of data collected through drones and ground robots, processing this data in real-time to make mission-critical decisions becomes a daunting task. Furthermore, the vast variety of data, ranging from images to videos, requires a streamlined and organized approach for efficient processing and analysis. Achieving real-time data feed from the sensors and effectively utilizing AI/ML for refined data analysis posed significant technical and operational challenges.

Why Cloud303?

  • Expertise in AI/ML Solutions Cloud303 possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in a wide range of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models. Whether it's natural language processing, computer vision, or predictive analytics, Cloud303 is equipped to design, train, and deploy models that deliver actionable insights and drive business value.
  • Ethical and Responsible AI Ethical considerations in AI/ML are crucial, ranging from bias mitigation to data privacy. Cloud303 adheres to ethical guidelines and best practices in AI, ensuring that models are not only efficient but also fair, transparent, and responsible.
  • Scalable Data Processing Managing the massive datasets that feed AI/ML models is a significant challenge. Cloud303 provides scalable data processing solutions, optimizing both storage and computational capabilities. This ensures that your AI/ML models are trained efficiently and can scale seamlessly with your data requirements.
  • Proven Track Record Whether it's navigating complex data migrations, implementing scalable AI/ML models, or setting up robust DevOps pipelines, Cloud303 has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver, making it a go-to partner for businesses with complex technical needs.

Engagement Overview

Cloud303's engagements follow a streamlined five-phase lifecycle: Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance. Initially, a comprehensive assessment is conducted through a Well-Architected Review to identify client needs. This is followed by a scoping call to fine-tune the architectural design, upon which a Statement of Work (SoW) is agreed and signed.

The implementation phase kicks in next, closely adhering to the approved designs. Rigorous testing ensures that all components meet the client's specifications and industry standards. Finally, clients have the option to either manage the deployed solutions themselves or to enroll in Cloud303's Managed Services for ongoing maintenance, an option many choose due to their high satisfaction with the services provided.

The Solution

To navigate these challenges, the following solution was conceptualized and implemented:

Infrastructure Development

- Creation of a webpage-based interface with cloud hosting and processing on AWS.

- Backend databases were developed alongside S3-based organizational data structures.

- The introduction of AWS Cognito ensured a fortified security layer.

- Fargate was integrated using celery to enable elastic compute capabilities, ensuring efficient backend processing.

User Interface Enhancement

A comprehensive user interface was crafted, allowing:

- User access controls and organization creation.

- Case and search criteria specifications, including color and thermal attributes.

- Facilitating facial and object recognition.

- Analytical review of marked images for refined processing.

Backend Processing Upgrades

- Image streams were segmented into individual images and stored on S3.

- Parallel analysis was conducted using AWS elastic compute, marking images for priority review.

- Novel algorithms were introduced to detect color anomalies in images.

- AWS Simple Notification Service was utilized to send real-time progress/status alerts.

Technical Execution

- Webpages were developed using React, based on the Figma prototype.

- Sample search data execution allowed iterative improvements in UI and search models.

- Final deployment to production servers ensured seamless user experience.

Engineer Quote

Our project with Climup Tech was a challenging yet fulfilling venture that required an intricate mesh of AI, machine learning, and cloud services. Using Amazon SageMaker, AWS Rekognition, and AWS Textract, we were able to develop an efficient, automated, and scalable solution for assessing fire hazards.

Robert Boyer Co-founder/VP of AI/ML, Cloud303


Meeting New Insurance Requirements

The AI/ML solution, jointly developed by Climup Tech and Cloud303, successfully enabled Climup Tech to assess fire hazards to enable insurance companies to comply with the new insurance requirements. The system's high accuracy, automation, and scalability made it a valuable tool for insurance companies and their clients.

Leveraging AWS for a Cutting-Edge Solution

By leveraging AWS services like Amazon SageMaker, AWS Rekognition, and AWS Textract, Cloud303 was able to showcase their AI/ML expertise and build a robust, efficient, and scalable solution with Climup Tech. This collaboration enabled Climup Tech to help CA insurance companies to meet the stringent insurance requirements; it has positioned Climup Tech as pioneers in adopting cutting-edge AI/ML technologies for property risk assessment.

Attracting Insurance Companies

Furthermore, the system has enabled Climup Tech to attract insurance companies as potential clients. The solution's comprehensive features and seamless integration with existing workflows have made it attractive for insurance providers looking to automate and streamline their fire hazard assessment processes.

Enhancing Reputation

The partnership between Climup Tech and Cloud303 has successfully deployed an innovative AI/ML solution using AWS services to address the challenge of assessing the proximity of flammable materials to insured structures. The solution has not only helped Climup Tech clients comply with new insurance guidelines but has also enhanced Climup Tech’s reputation as a technology-driven company in the property management and insurance space.

Equipping for the Future

With Cloud303's expertise in AI/ML and the power of AWS services, Climup Tech is now better equipped to tackle the challenges of a dynamic insurance landscape while offering improved services to their clients.

The solution's comprehensive features and seamless integration with existing workflows have made it attractive for insurance providers looking to automate and streamline their fire hazard assessment processes.