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We Cover All Things AWS, So You Don't Have To!

AWS is an ever-growing mountain. Now that you’ve climbed it, we’re here to keep your prized accomplishment (or as the industry calls it, your infrastructure) proactively monitored, secured and supported.

We’ll also help you continue climbing the AWS mountain by keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the ecosystem and uncovering AWS funding programs to support your efforts throughout our engagement!

Cloud303 is part of our team. They are reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly. I don't think we'd have been able to adopt the Cloud at this pace without them.

  • Melissa Jackson Direct Of Engineering

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Services Offered


Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scans and Reports against your Compute and Container environments. Based on the results, we'll make a suitable game plan for implementation.


Patch Management

Automated Reporting of missing patches categorized by priority. We'll strategically plan the implementation and optionally configure automated patching for Lower-Level environments.


Least Privilege Access Monitoring

Most security incidents in the Cloud happen because of a user error. We periodically monitor access patterns and provide recommendations to better protect your overall AWS environment.


Infrastructure-As-Code Drift Detection

What good is IaC if it’s not up-to-date and reusable? We’ll ensure any drift is periodically tracked and ported back in so you have a clean IaC codebase that is always current and ready for modifying current deployments or deploying new environments.


Infrastructure-As-Code Version Upkeep

You never want to be left behind on older versions or newly added features that solve current problems. We'll work with you periodically to keep the codebases up to date.


Disaster Recovery Testing

We'll ensure that your DR systems are periodically tested, so they are always ready to step in at a moment's notice. If you do not have a DR strategy in place, we'll help you with the implementation first based on business requirements.


Compute Cost Optimization

Nobody wants to pay AWS more than they need to—not even AWS themselves. We'll periodically generate cost optimization reports for your compute and recommend ways to save your business money.


Pen Testing

Performed against both internal And external endpoints either upon request or on an agreed upon schedule.


Support & Helpdesk

We'll solve ALL your problems. Ok, maybe not all of them. *SLAs are defined in our contracts.


Infrastructure Monitoring

A sophisticated monitoring suite that includes alarms for every service used along with domain and endpoint monitoring.


24/7 On-Call Staff

Sleep easily knowing we got you covered. We'll fix it, if we can, or wake you up so you can.


Threat & Malware Detection

Intelligent Threat and Malware Detection against your AWS environment.


Compliance Violation Alerting

We'll put the appropriate guardrails in place so that when a potential violation occurs, action can be taken. Compliances Supported: HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, FEDRAMP (Low/Moderate).

High Performance Computing Services Offered

HPC is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. AWS offers numerous products to launch and manage HPC workloads, including HealthOmics, ParallelCluster, Batch, and Genomics CLI. The services below are available to all Managed AWS customers utilizing said AWS HPC products.


Performance & Cost Analysis

There are always better ways to get the most out of your High-Performance Computing workloads while reducing overall costs. We’ll assess your jobs and workflows periodically, put together a recommendation plan and work with you to implement it.


Limit Assertion Testing

Incorporating common failure testing before job runs can save you a bunch of time and money. As part of your onboarding process, we'll work with to identify potential areas for implementation.


Monitoring & PCluster Job Reporting

Job failures can be expensive - not to mention a huge waste of time. We’ll monitor your HPC jobs for errors, fix them and work with you to ensure they don’t happen again. Additionally, if you’re using AWS Parallel Cluster, we’ll help generate detailed reports so you can gain the utmost insight.


Cost Management

Knowing how much money you or your team spends on a job can be hard to calculate. We have experience and have built tools that will allow you to better understand and manage costs at scale.

Additional Features


Technical Account Manager

Dedicated TAMs to help bridge the Business & Tech landscape. Some topics include Project Scoping, General Q&A, AWS Funding, etc.


Dedicated Engineering Team

We keep the small team philosophy so we can jump into fixing issues rather than learning your environment during crunch time. We will know you and your infrastructure.


AWS Funding

We'll ensure that all your initiatives that qualify, get AWS Funding. It's a complicated and ever evolving ecosystem and we'll navigate it for you.


Cloud303 Tech

We've built a LOT of tech over time to accelerate AWS adoption and growth. You'll have unrestricted access to them all.

Customer Testimonials

Osvaldo Morales

“Cloud303 was able to step in quickly and help us not only migrate from another MSP, but provide exceptional customer service. Flexibility is really important in partnerships like these and Cloud303 delivers in this regard. They have also proactively recommended many cost saving measures which are big wins for our organization.”


Osvaldo Morales -


Aron Bohl

“The team at Cloud303 actually cares. We’ve had experiences with other MSPs where it’s all about the contract, but Cloud303 goes above and beyond to ensure our infrastructure, apps, and most importantly, our staff get the attention and help they need.”


Aron Bohl -

Principal Software Engineer

Brian Kellner

“Cloud303 has been an excellent partner. From advising on AWS best practices to complex projects to responding to the day-to-day issues that arise, Cloud303 has been responsive and capable.”


Brian Kellner -

VP, Engineering

Paul Blomgren

“Choosing Cloud303 revolutionized our AWS experience. They distill complexity into clarity, propelling our cloud operations forward. A standout partner in every way.”


Paul Blomgren -

President & CEO

Brad Davis

“Cloud303 has turned our AWS journey from complex to clear. Their expertise ensures we’re not just in the cloud, but excelling in it. A true cloud ally.”


Brad Davis -

VP of Infrastructure

Matt Wrather

“I’ve been an engineering leader at high-growth and high-profile companies for over a decade, and sometimes even I find AWS confusing. The team of experts at Cloud303 is my secret weapon. From infrastructure audits to ongoing management, their team has consistently delivered results that exceed our expectations. Their proactive approach ensures that our infrastructure is not only robust and secure but also optimized for cost and performance.”


Matt Wrather -

VP of Engineering

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