SouthRac: Pioneering a New Era of Fitness Management with AWS



  • 20 October 2023
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  • Well-Architected

About the Customer

SouthRac is a premier fitness facility chain with a mission to revolutionize the industry. Known for its innovative approach, the company plans to onboard 1,500 clubs over the next two years, each featuring an average of 3,000 members and 700 daily visitors.

Executive Summary

SouthRac collaborated with Cloud303 to develop and deploy a facial recognition system to enhance member entry at their gyms. The end-to-end solution, built on AWS services like Amazon Rekognition and DynamoDB, not only fulfilled the immediate Proof of Concept (PoC) requirements but is also scalable for future rollouts across multiple facilities.

The Challenge

SouthRac was grappling with issues such as slow check-ins and administrative inefficiencies using old methods. The facility needed a secure, high-speed system to manage the expected increase in volume of members and visitors. There was a pressing need to innovate, to keep up with and exceed industry standards.

Why Cloud303?

  • Expertise in AI/ML Solutions Cloud303 possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in a wide range of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models. Whether it's natural language processing, computer vision, or predictive analytics, Cloud303 is equipped to design, train, and deploy models that deliver actionable insights and drive business value.
  • Ethical and Responsible AI Ethical considerations in AI/ML are crucial, ranging from bias mitigation to data privacy. Cloud303 adheres to ethical guidelines and best practices in AI, ensuring that models are not only efficient but also fair, transparent, and responsible.
  • Scalable Data Processing Managing the massive datasets that feed AI/ML models is a significant challenge. Cloud303 provides scalable data processing solutions, optimizing both storage and computational capabilities. This ensures that your AI/ML models are trained efficiently and can scale seamlessly with your data requirements.
  • Proven Track Record Whether it's navigating complex data migrations, implementing scalable AI/ML models, or setting up robust DevOps pipelines, Cloud303 has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver, making it a go-to partner for businesses with complex technical needs.

Engagement Overview

Cloud303's engagements follow a streamlined five-phase lifecycle: Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance. Initially, a comprehensive assessment is conducted through a Well-Architected Review to identify client needs. This is followed by a scoping call to fine-tune the architectural design, upon which a Statement of Work (SoW) is agreed and signed.

The implementation phase kicks in next, closely adhering to the approved designs. Rigorous testing ensures that all components meet the client's specifications and industry standards. Finally, clients have the option to either manage the deployed solutions themselves or to enroll in Cloud303's Managed Services for ongoing maintenance, an option many choose due to their high satisfaction with the services provided.

The Solution

Architectural Overview

SouthRac turned to Cloud303 because of their strong track record in leveraging AWS services for business solutions. Cloud303 set up a net-new AWS account and designed the architecture to integrate Amazon Rekognition for facial recognition and Amazon DynamoDB for data storage.

Implementation Strategy

Data Gathering: Collected facial image samples for training the Amazon Rekognition model.

API and Backend: A backend API was developed that would accept an uploaded image, process it via Rekognition, and respond accordingly.

Database: Amazon DynamoDB was set up to store essential metadata for each member.

UI/UX: A rudimentary web interface was created for testing the complete system in real-world conditions.

Engineer Quote

Our team was faced with a unique challenge to redefine the gym entry experience in a seamless and efficient manner. By leveraging AWS' powerful services like Amazon Rekognition and DynamoDB, we were able to devise a solution that was not only swift but also highly accurate.

Robert Boyer Co-founder/VP of AI/ML, Cloud303


The collaboration between SouthRac and Cloud303, bolstered by Amazon's robust AWS services, has paved the way for a new, more efficient era in gym access management.

The project got off to a great start, recording 98.7% accuracy rate during the PoC. The average response time was an incredible 1.2 seconds, inspiring overwhelming positive feedback from gym members.

The solution has also substantially impacted operational costs, with approximately a 20% reduction in operational costs relating to entry management alone.

This innovative, scalable solution sets a high standard in the fitness industry, highlighting the robust capabilities of AWS for solving real-world business challenges.

The solution has also substantially impacted operational costs, with approximately a 20% reduction in operational costs relating to entry management alone.