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Brianna Russell

Managed Billing Program Manager

What's Included


Cost Management

Get detailed insight into your AWS Spend including Custom Reports broken down by service. Most importantly, get recommendations on how to save money with reserved instances, savings plans, and resource right-sizing.


Security Management

Get a single pane of glass into your AWS accounts' security posture. If you have compliance requirements, view your account's standing through compliance-specific lenses and set up alerts for any violations.

Chat Support

Experience the comprehensive expertise Of our Billing, Consultative Technical, and Sales teams via chat. We just won't get hands-on keyboard to fix your production issues. Comparable with AWS Support.

Knowledge Base

Driven by our engineers. Get purpose built documentation compiled from a customer's perspective. Can't find something you need? Use our chat functionality to start a conversation with our team.

How Does It Work?


Join the Cloud303 Organization

We send your account(s) an invitation and you accept. Nothing in your AWS account changes, other than Cloud303 assuming your monthly AWS bills.

It's really that simple!

OnBoard Chat Support

Get onboarded to our single sign-on portal to get you access to everything from Cloud303, including Chat, Billing, Security, and Account Management consoles.

We love talking to our customers.

OnBoard Billing Dashboard

Attain an exceptionally detailed perspective of your AWS billing, receive cost optimization insights, and access high-level executive summaries like never before.

Remember, you have unlimited access to our AWS billing experts!

OnBoard Security Dashboard

Get detailed Security insights across all your AWS accounts with the ability to track compliance-related standings.

Your customers and your security team will love this!

Customer Testimonials

Murad Mordukhay

“Cloud303’s AWS resale program has been a game changer for our next-gen video transcoding company. The time and effort we’ve saved on managing and optimizing AWS costs has been significant. Their team is incredibly responsive and always ready to lend a helping hand.”


Murad Mordukhay -

Founder & CEO

Charles Hachtmann

“Cloud303’s account management and attention to detail has been top notch. They’re proactive and provide us great suggestions when there’s a need for our team. We leave our AWS Billing and management to them so we can focus on continuing to build our business.”


Charles Hachtmann -


Melissa Jackson

“With the assistance of Cloud303, our migration to AWS resulted in significant cost savings. We rely on their expertise in ongoing AWS Billing Management to provide us with comprehensive insights into our expenditure. The team at Cloud303 is amicable and reliable, consistently providing prompt assistance.”


Melissa Jackson -

Director of Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our FAQs are covered below. Even if they answered your question, we'd still love to connect.

Does anything change in my AWS account?

I'd like to keep my existing AWS organization. Can I still join this program?

What access will Cloud303 have to my account?

How does my monthly bill get paid?

Is there a commitment period to this program?

I have AWS credits and scheduled to get more. What happens in this case?

I need hands-on keyboard assistance. How can I get more than chat help?

What are the operating hours for chat support?

Can I enable autopay the same way I do with AWS directly now?

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