Cloud303 Achieves 4th AWS Competency with Microsoft Workloads

  • 20/09/ 2023
  • Press Release
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Cloud303, a leading provider of cloud solutions and managed services, is pleased to announce that it has achieved its 4th competency: the AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency. This milestone signifies Cloud303’s continuous dedication to providing high-quality services and adds another dimension to its existing competencies, marking the third competency attained this year.

The Microsoft Workloads Competency is a highly regarded qualification that recognizes businesses excelling in deploying, configuring, and managing Microsoft-based applications and solutions. This competency ensures that Cloud303 is fully equipped to meet and exceed the needs of enterprise companies, offering best-in-class solutions across various verticals.

Sujaiy Shivakumar, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Cloud303, stated, “Achieving the Microsoft Workloads Competency is a significant milestone for Cloud303. It’s a testament to our team’s expertise and commitment to delivering unparalleled services to our clients. This competency positions us strongly in the market, reaffirming our resolve to be industry leaders.”

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Stepping Stone Towards Future Innovation

This achievement sets the stage for Cloud303’s further growth and strengthens its position as a go-to partner for businesses looking to modernize their cloud infrastructure and managed services.

“We are beyond excited for what the future holds. This competency is not just another feather in our cap; it’s a stepping stone towards future innovation and excellence,” added Sujaiy Shivakumar.

Cloud303 invites anyone interested in learning more about its AWS Microsoft Workloads solutions to CLICK HERE.

About Cloud303:

Cloud303 is an AWS Premier Partner that specializes in assisting businesses to migrate, optimize, and manage their AWS workloads. With a strong track record in Microsoft Workloads, Cloud303 prides itself on providing tailored solutions that leverage the latest cloud technologies to help companies innovate faster, reduce costs, and deliver superior customer experiences.

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