Microsoft On AWS

We understand Microsoft and that goes a long way to deploying and managing Microsoft workloads on AWS. Windows, SQL Server and Active Directory are a regular part of all our deployments. We also have experience building remote connectivity solutions (including VDI) and remote render farms.

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What Makes Us Unique

By aligning our collective experience of on-premise and AWS cloud deployments, our dedicated Microsoft focused engineers can rapidly bring your vision to life on AWS. We have been in your shoes and have guided a multitude of clients to AWS to realize their needs.

  • Extensive on-prem Microsoft experience that makes Microsoft on AWS seamless.
  • Ability to rapidly migrate and protect Microsoft workloads.
  • Enormous library of Infrastructure as Code assets.
  • Proprietary automation on top of IaC that speeds up delivery even more.
  • Flexibility like no other. We operate with a co-creating mindset.
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Success Stories

Our Success Stories are filled with incredible details and are intended to showcase the depth of our expertise in this vertical.

Microsoft On AWS

Epoch’s AWS Migration and Disaster Recovery Success

Cloud303 partnered with Epoch Solutions to migrate their IT infrastructure to AWS, addressing critical challenges in performance, scalability, and security.

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Microsoft On AWS

Cloud303 Empowers Innovative Microsystems with AWS WorkSpaces

Cloud303 partnered with Innovative Microsystems to transform their digital workspace experience. Utilizing AWS WorkSpaces, Cloud303 provided a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for Innovative Microsystems' proprietary Quote Writer software.

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Microsoft On AWS

Transforming Nurix’s Digital Workspace with AWS AppStream

Cloud303 designed a dual-environment AWS AppStream solution optimized for RStudio to provide scalable, secure, and flexible computing resources to meet the diverse needs of data scientists.

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Microsoft On AWS

L3Harris and Cloud303 Pioneer New Training Paradigm with AppStream

Transitioning from a cumbersome and costly legacy platform to a streamlined and cost-effective AWS solution, the partnership managed to maintain the quality of Harris Geospatial's ENVI training while achieving unparalleled...

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Microsoft On AWS

Nevada Law Firm Elevate Operations with Amazon WorkSpaces

Leveraging Amazon WorkSpaces, AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory, and specialized solutions, the firm now enjoys high availability, easy data sharing, and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing work environments.

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Microsoft On AWS

Law Firm Leverages Cloud303’s Expertise for Global Data Access

See how FarMar Law Group partnered with Cloud303 to transform their localized, on-premises data storage into a robust, cloud-based system on AWS.

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Microsoft On AWS

Cloud303’s Reduces ShootDotEdit’s Latency by 40% on AWS

Through a bespoke AWS solution integrated with Windows Server 2022 and key optimizations, Cloud303 ensured that ShootDotEdit could focus on business growth instead of grappling with tech limitations.

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Microsoft On AWS

Cloud303 Modernizes Maysteel’s Windows Infrastructure

With AWS-native solutions like Disaster Recovery Service and Amazon EC2, Cloud303 helped Maysteel transition from cumbersome physical data backups to a robust, cloud-based system.

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Microsoft On AWS

Cloud303 Facilitates PreCise’s Transition to AWS for Streamlined Fleet Management

Journey with us as we delve into how Cloud303 navigated the complex migration and modernization of PreCise MRM's fleet management software, MyFleet and LiGO.

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