High Performance Computing

We have mastered the art of High Performance Computing, fashioning cost efficient, low-overhead solutions that redefine performance at scale and streamline management overhead, delivering a new era of Computational Power.

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What Makes Us Unique

Drawing on our extensive experience in high-performance computing, we craft solutions that truly shine in the most challenging computational settings. Our method blends the latest technologies with valuable insights gained from numerous customer engagements.

  • A team of seasoned experts with comprehensive knowledge in fields such as genomics, drug discovery, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and protein folding.
  • Early implementors of AWS Parallel Cluster. We've played a key role in the growth of HPC tools on AWS.
  • Proprietary optimization techniques that maximize computational efficiency, reducing the time-to-solution for complex problems.
  • Efficient and cost-effective scaling methods that handle increasing workloads without excessive costs, ensuring projects remain within budget.
  • An innovate approach that brings SDLC to HPC workflows.
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Success Stories

Our Success Stories are filled with incredible details and are intended to showcase the depth of our expertise in this vertical.

High Performance Computing

Interline’s Genomic Processing Efficiency Boosted by 40% on AWS

Interline Therapeutics is a pioneering drug discovery startup with a mission to revolutionize medicine at the molecular level. Utilizing their unique discovery platform, Interline focuses on deciphering the intricacies of...

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High Performance Computing

Mirvie’s Bioinfo Costs Slashed by 70%, Processing Speed Doubled

Learn how this transformative partnership empowered Mirvie to push the boundaries of prenatal health research, without compromising compliance or budget.

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High Performance Computing

Cloud303 Optimizes Stem Pharm’s Bioinformatics Workflows, Cuts Costs by 40%

Dive into the case study to discover how this transformative partnership has accelerated Stem Pharm's research capabilities, empowering them to delve deeper into the mysteries of human biology for the...

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High Performance Computing

Cloud303 Modernizes ImmuneID’s Genomic Data Architecture

By transitioning from on-premises storage to a robust AWS ecosystem, ImmuneID not only cut costs but also unlocked new heights of efficiency and data accessibility.

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High Performance Computing

From 2 Weeks To 2 Hours: AWS Batch Fixes Solugen’s HPC Problems

Discover how Solugen transformed its core computational research from a weeks-long endeavor to a matter of hours, all without sacrificing accuracy or quality led by the expertise of Cloud303.

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High Performance Computing

Heirloom Carbon Overcomes Data Loss and Boosts Efficiency with AWS

Discover how Cloud303 helped Heirloom Carbon overcome the crippling loss of vital data and streamlined their complex computational needs using the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

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