Cloud303 Achieves AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery Program Designation

  • 20/09/ 2023
  • Press Release
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Cloud303, a leading cloud solutions provider, is thrilled to announce that it has successfully achieved the AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery Program (SDP) designation. This accomplishment underscores Cloud303’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions and further establishes the company as a Premier Partner within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem.

The CloudFormation SDP is designed to highlight AWS Partner Network (APN) members who possess deep expertise and proven customer success in developing and managing AWS CloudFormation applications and infrastructures. Cloud303’s unparalleled skills in infrastructure automation and provisioning have been rigorously vetted by AWS to meet the highest standards set forth by the SDP.

Sujaiy Shivakumar, Cloud303 Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, remarked, “Achieving the CloudFormation Service Delivery Program designation is not just a milestone for Cloud303; it’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. We are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and scalable AWS solutions possible, and this recognition validates that commitment.”

Key Features

  • Expertise in creating, updating, and managing CloudFormation scripts and templates.
  • Proficiency in leveraging AWS CloudFormation for building repeatable, and self-healing infrastructures.
  • Deep-rooted knowledge in the implementation of best practices based on AWS’s Well-Architected Framework.

About Cloud303

With years of expertise in the field, Cloud303 has successfully modernized Cloud Managed Services practices to serve Fortune 100 clients better. The company has previously spearheaded efforts to achieve various AWS Competencies and has a track record of helping businesses cost-optimize, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. By fostering healthy business relationships through consultation on best practices, Cloud303 continues to be a leader in the cloud services industry.

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