Cloud303 Strikes Partnership with Amazon HealthOmics

  • 4/10/ 2023
  • Press Release
Amazon-Omics HIW 11.16.127954d80e33486fc84d08b0a7fa4046f8332b16

Cloud303 – an AWS Premier Consulting Partner – is delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Amazon HealthOmics!

Amazon HealthOmics is a new fully-managed service that allows AWS users to store, query, analyze, and derive insights from genomic, transcriptomic, and other omics data to improve health discoveries and accelerate scientific advancements.

Cloud303 possesses vast experience in the field of Life Sciences, offering a broad range of consulting services using an array of technologies related to HPC, including AWS Batch, Slurm, Nextflow, ParallelClusters, AlphaFold, RoseTTAFold, OpenFold, with unique Environment as a Service (EaaS) offerings among others.

Preferred AWS Partner For All Things Life Sciences

Cloud303 Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Sujaiy Shivakumar, said this partnership bodes well for the company’s vision, as Cloud303 “are hell-bent on consolidating our reputation as a preferred AWS partner for all things life sciences”.

“We see a number of advantages for our current and potential consumers when it comes to Amazon HealthOmics. In conjunction with this, customers can leverage our proprietary ‘Environment as a Service’ tool, FastStak, for even the most complex life sciences architectures. Amazon HealthOmics can now be swiftly deployed for each workflow with minimal setup time and total cost for our clients,” Sujaiy reiterated.

To learn more about Cloud303’s Life Sciences offerings, visit

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