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Accelerate Your VMware Migration to AWS

Cloud303 is a leader in migrating VMware workloads to AWS. With extensive experience and a proven track record, we’ve helped hundreds of customers achieve seamless migrations while securing full AWS funding.

Benefits & Features


Maximize Savings with Optimized AWS Usage

Migrating your VMware workloads to AWS can significantly reduce your overall IT costs. At Cloud303, we specialize in optimizing your AWS infrastructure, ensuring you get the most out of RI’s, Savings Plans, and other cost-effective AWS services. Let us help you transition smoothly while keeping your budget in check.


Ensure Seamless Migration with Expert Validation

Before embarking on your VMware to AWS migration journey, consult with our experienced professionals to validate your technology choices. We’ll help you ensure that your migration plan is robust, scalable, and aligned with best practices, minimizing risks and maximizing success.


Achieve Top-Tier Security and Compliance

Transitioning to AWS with Cloud303 means your workloads will be protected with the highest security standards. We help you achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2, HITRUST, FedRamp, and CIS. Our team uses native AWS tools to fortify your environment and meet industry regulations, ensuring your data is always secure.


Leverage AWS Funding for Your Migration

One of our unique strengths is securing AWS funding to support your migration projects. As an AWS Premier Partner, we leverage our status to obtain the necessary funding, ensuring your VMware migration to AWS is fully supported and financially feasible. Let us help you take advantage of AWS funding opportunities to accelerate your cloud transformation.

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