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AWS Plays Key Role In Stringent Regulatory Requirements Compliance 

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10-8 Systems provides computer-aided dispatch software (CAD) and records management solutions (RMS) for a variety of public and private companies including law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire, and private security. Beginning in a small colocation facility, 10-8 Systems’ rapid growth made AWS a clear choice for migration. Their regulatory requirements also made GovCloud the ideal solution for their application.

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Our Customer

10-8 Systems provides computer-aided dispatch software (CAD) and records management solutions (RMS) for a variety of public and private companies including law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire, snow, private security, and more! 10-8 Systems was launched out of the necessity for a professional dispatch solution at a more economical price point. 10-8 Systems is completely designed and developed by those with extensive experience in law enforcement, fire, security, transportation, EMS..

The Challenge

10-8 Systems were running their application from an on-premises facility. However, as their growth continued, it became evident that such an arrangement would no longer be feasible. As they onboarded new customers, they started to deal with state and local government (SLG) regulations that necessitated a more robust security profile, and assurances that sensitive data would be protected. Their rapid growth also meant that scaling requirements necessitated a more flexible approach.

Why 10-8 Systems Chose AWS?

AWS GovCloud provided the perfect solution for 10-8 Systems. Most systems that adhere to stringent security and data regulations are not nearly as flexible, scalable, or straightforward as GovCloud. By using AWS GovCloud, Cloud303 and 10-8 Systems could focus on application architecture rather than precisely configuring the surrounding infrastructure to ensure regulatory compliance.

Why 10-8 Systems Chose Cloud303?

10-8 Systems was in their infancy when they began their engagement with Cloud303. While this was a relatively simple migration, the combination of the company’s size/budget and the complexity of their workload made other partners look past them. Cloud303 were positioned to assist, however, due to the Cloud303 engineers’ experience in both cloud migrations and working in sensitive, regulated environments.

      Phil Supinski     Sujaiy Shivakumar
CEO/Solutions Architect      CTO/Solutions Architect

AWS Services Deployed:
 AWS GovCloud Amazon EC2 Amazon Aurora

Cloud303's Solution

Cloud303 migrated their application to GovCloud and also future-proofed their deployments by using managed services and autoscaling, as well as creating CloudFormation templates to simplify additional deployments.

Cloud303 worked with 10-8 Systems engineers to get a handle on their existing infrastructure and guided them through the migration into the cloud. More than a lift-and-shift, Cloud303 provided guidance and created the infrastructure necessary to scale the application as needed.

It was clear that not only would the on-premises facility become untenable from a scalability standpoint, but also from a financial perspective. By moving to AWS GovCloud, 10-8 Systems’ deployments were not only ready for their rapid growth but also right-sized at every stage.

In the database tier, Cloud303 leveraged CloudEndure to replicate the architecture and data from 10-8 Systems on-premises facility to AWS. A three-tier VPC consisting of a web-tier, application tier, and database tier was deployed using CloudFormation.

In the application tier, Linux -based EC2 instances were spread over multiple availability zones for high availability using auto-scaling groups. EBS volumes were set to take snapshots every five minutes with a 14-day retention policy.

In the database tier, Amazon Aurora was used as it could handle  loss of up to two copies of data without affecting write availability and up to three copies without affecting read availability .


10-8 Systems now have plenty of government contracts thanks not only to the application itself but to the high-performance, flexible infrastructure backing it. They were able to grow very quickly without too much engineering overhead. They were able to do so without being concerned about whether their infrastructure complied with various government regulations.

AWS Programs/Funding Used:
Partner Opportunity Acceleration Funding"MAP" Migration Acceleration Program